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The Best Investment Opportunity Your Broker Won’t Mention

What is the best way to invest your money to ensure a comfortable retirement while maintaining your desired lifestyle?

That’s a question that brokers and other financial professionals, not to mention the media, are constantly seeking to answer.

Here’s the problem: the media is practically owned by Wall Street, and most brokers will say whatever it takes to get your business.

Recently, MarketWatch.com published an article comparing annuities and stocks as investment vehicles. Below is an excerpt. Notice how they present stocks and annuities as the “only” options for investors:

Fewer stocks, more annuities. That, in essence, is the advice gleaned from two just-published reports for the benefit of those living in or approaching retirement.

Retirees should invest just 5% to 25% of their portfolios in stocks, or at least that’s the case for those whose primary goal is to minimize the risk of running out of money and sustaining their withdrawals, said one report published by Putnam Investments new think tank.

And, Americans can avoid the risk of outliving their assets by saving more, working longer, investing wisely, delaying Social Security and buying a life annuity, according the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

For his part, W. Van Harlow, Ph.D., CFA charterholder and director of research at the Putnam Institute, is suggesting a conservative asset mix largely because of what he views as the greatest risk to a retiree’s portfolio: the unfavorable “sequence of returns” in the securities’ markets.

That’s a fancy way of saying retirees who have too much money in equities face the very risk that the stock market will keep falling at the very same time they are withdrawing money for their accounts. And that doing so increases the odds that they will outlive their money or, more likely, reduce their withdrawals and presumably their standard of living.

This all sounds very logical, right? This article has been much-shared over the last couple of weeks. But why is it that stocks and annuities are the only two investment options discussed? Are we really supposed to believe that those are the only options? Well… brokers would like you to believe this, because then they’re sure that they can sell you products.

But here’s the truth that brokers, Wall Street, and the media won’t share:

There are better options available!!

The returns of an annuity are capped— limiting potential gains. On the other hand, we offer our clients investment vehicles that allow them to participate in the upside of the market, without facing market risk. This has allowed our clients to turn $100k into more than $250k in only 12 years. That’s a much higher return than any annuity provides—and we do it without exposing clients to market risk.

If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today to see if a Personal Protected Pension Plan™ is right for you.

Email Millie, our Client Concierge, at millie@TheHiddenWealthSystem.com or phone her at (866) 998-7699.  Please provide Millie with the two best times to contact you. Due to the continued volatility of the market, we are currently experiencing a high volume of inquiries. Providing two contact times will insure that she is able to reach you.

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